Call me Jenny. 

Vegan Pastry School was created out of disappointment concerning the lack of culinary schools who offer vegan programs to their students. Sure, a vegan cooking class may be offered here or there in certain kitchens - but comprehensive vegan training generally does not exist. I was fortunate enough to attend a school that was very understanding of my plant-based leanings. However, I also learned that even the most open-minded of fellow baking students can be very resistant to the idea that vegan pastries are just as (if not more) delicious and impressive as their butter-laden counterparts.

On this blog, I plan to demystify the science behind vegan cooking & baking while also posting successfully veganized 'traditional' recipes. I want to teach on this blog what I wanted to learn prior to attending culinary school. Personal writings, both related & unrelated to food, will also be involved.

I am an amateur at best, a faker at worst. I do not claim to know everything about baking or pastry arts, only that I am forever curious and continually learning. That's what being a good student is all about, right?

Ultimately, I  hope to impart the one fact that I am sure of: Vegan food is just as good.

Me & my parents.

As for personal information, I offer you the usual onslaught: I am 27 years old as of January 2016. I attained a Baking and Pastry diploma from Oregon Culinary Institute in 2014 and a B.A. in Feminist Studies from UC Santa Cruz in 2012. I love female jazz singers and reading memoirs and being extremely organized. My long-term partner and I live in a one-bedroom apartment with our cat in Portland (Oregon) where we probably drink too much dark beer and slobber on each other's pillows. We both grew up in the Mojave Desert of southern California and so are new to this whole 'don't see the sun for several weeks' thing. I spend my time in kitchens because it soothes my anxiety. I prefer vegan food because I love animals. I work for Sweetpea Baking Co. as a baker & wedding coordinator who also decorates a lot of vegan cakes.

Thank you so much for your interest in my project.

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  1. I went to OCI too and I loved it. I'd baked for years and, similarly to you, went so I could understand the science and then I could make everything Gluten Free. I totally dig veganized versions of the classics too. Super fun blog! Keep it up!