Monday, November 14, 2016

Decadent Food Dreams (MoFo Days 11, 12, 13)

Isa's Green Lasagna Rolls that I have made twice & are so so delicious & 100% worth the effort.

Prompts: 11) Where does your favorite food come from? 12) What would you eat on your dream holiday? 13) An alien lands on your doorstep. What are they going to eat?

Toasted almond & green tea biscotti I baked for a friend.

My favorite cuisine was difficult to pin down because I love so many different types of meals, but I think my preferred cuisine as of late is Italian-inspired. Espresso-soaked tiramisu with a perfect balance of tangy creaminess & deep chocolate bitterness. Biscotti, a cookie designed specifically with coffee in mind. The wonders of homemade pasta & gnocchi. The brilliance that is vegan piccata over mashed potatoes. Eggplant parmesan. Fresh pesto, hot crusty pizza, cold beautiful gelato. Vtopia's mozzarella, caprese. Minestrone. Focaccia. Risotto. Polenta. Pairing a gorgeous simmering dark red marinara with a robust red wine. The fantastically heavy casserole dish full of heartily rich & satisfying lasagne that could feed you & your whole family for at least two days. It's all just so absolutely inviting & fulfilling.

The tiramisu at local vegan restaurant Portobello, photo via Yelp.
Best tiramisu I've ever eaten, vegan or not.

Isa's seitan piccata. I really love her recipe for chickpea piccata in Isa Does It.

On my dream vacation, I would uncover buttery-decadent-delicate traditional French food done the vegan way. As a baker who is constantly thinking about pastries, I would love to be able to walk into a 'traditional' French eatery to discover that I could eat every-beautiful-thing without worrying about eggs and dairy. I found this top 10 list of vegan eats in Paris from which I found Gentle Gourmet Cafe, a 100% vegan restaurant that serves faux-gras & so many decadent-sounding menu items (check out their instagram for some stunning dishes). So, on my dream holiday, I would be in Paris drinking wine & coffee & eating croissants, faux gras, baguette, vegan cheese, French truffle, cream sauces, macarons, & all the locally grown fruits & vegetables. Then I would cry.

Photo via Gentle Gourmet on Facebook.

My partner & I are planning a trip to Europe next year, so I actually may be able to eat vegan in Paris! I have also discovered the helpful Paris Vegan & Paris by Vegan, so suddenly eating plant-based in France seems like such an easy & enjoyable thing to do.

If I had to feed an alien right at this moment, I would hope they would enjoy two of my favorite things, made their best when consumed alongside each other: coffee & pumpkin pie coffee cake.The coffee cake is beyond moist to the point that it almost tastes like pumpkin pie filling and is given crunch with a nutty streusel topping.

Bon appetit, alien!

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  1. That tiramisu looks sensational! We were in Paris last year and had the best time, and the best food (those two things often coincide, in my experience!). There are a lot of great vegan options now.